Interpreter english german  1.  Conference teams

Depending on the character and duration of your event, teams of two to three qualified interpreters per language combination are generally used for

The professional expertise of all interpreters working in the interpreting booth ensures that the team will perform impeccably and make a positive impression on the audience. At the same time, excellent teamwork among experienced and reliable interpreters in the booth ensures that your event will be a resounding success.

For English-German simultaneous interpreting,

I often work together with

consecutive interpreting Kerstin Funke

Translator and interpreter for English, Russian and German

a long-standing colleague who is a competent partner for English German in the simultaneous interpreting booth and has often shared large translating jobs with me.

Should you require additional interpreters for English-German, or interpreters for other language combinations, I can recommend and contact colleagues, most of whom are members of prestigious professional associations such as VKD-BDÜ (the Conference Interpreters' section of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators) or AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters).

The rigorous admissions criteria for these professional associations ensure that their members have the requisite qualifications and expertise as conference and simultaneous interpreters.

Interpreter english  2.  Interpreting equipment

Interpreting equipment companies and their technicians provide invaluable support for teams of simultaneous interpreters at the event venue. Upon request I will be pleased to refer you to competent partners who can help you to decide quickly and easily which equipment is best for your event.

Interpreter  3.  Your help is needed

Small talk in several languages in breaks during the conference is no problem, but your expert assistance is needed when it comes to areas such as in-situ fluorescent hybridisation or torque link and steering units.

Please also bear in mind that providing background information, website addresses and texts of past and/or planned speeches or presentations at an early stage greatly helps your team of conference interpreters to prepare for your event and deliver outstanding interpreting services.

Your contribution will ensure that your event is a total success.
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